Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hats Hats Hats

The reorganizing of the house is going ok. It's made slightly more difficult by a 1 year old whose favorite past time is dumping things out, everywhere! It honestly took me 30 minutes to sort out hats and gloves today. It is not the first time this season either. I think I need to purchase work gloves for the boys. I was slightly annoyed to find brand new ski gloves with dirt caked to them and the cuffs full of splinters from getting wood. I also moved the crates inside to be more carefully monitored. The porch is wonderful but if i'm not right there, hats and gloves get tossed in the general direction of the crates, and certainly not the right one. Ask me how many frozen hats I found today. they were tossed soaking wet "near" the crates. Guess frozen is better than mildew. We have decided to pull everything out of our bedroom except the bed. This way we can paint, do the trim and closet shelves and door. I will put our dressers in the boys rooms for now. Our plan is to go room by room and finish everything except flooring which will have to wait until last. As a reward for myself,I will make a quilt and curtains to match when it is complete.
Just wanted to let you all know the citrus fast was out the window at noon time on the first day. i can't possibly bake scones for every one and only have a grapefruit my self. NOPE! Can't do it! We are all eating plenty of citrus though. I bought a case of oranges and a case of grapefruit.
I am going to a knitting workshop in a few weeks. In the meantime i have been crocheting up a plethora of hats. here are some i have made. I also made monogramed neck warmers for the boys. I wish black wasn't everyone's favorite color. This is the only time i wish i had a daughter. BLACK! Blah!


Gram said...

The hats look great and you have some cute looking models. Are you knitting?

Jillienne said...
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Jillienne said...

Great looking hats! I wish I had that kind of talent!