Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hunkering Down

It is snowing again here in the mountains of Maine. 6-10 expected by tomorrow AM. Mike has to be in to work at 4 AM, Forrest can work too but 4 AM? I'm not sure about that. Mike just called to say he would take me grocery shopping when he gets home. He knows i hate going out in this, even with all wheel drive. Honestly it is other people and their crazy lack of snow driving skills that makes me nervous. It always snows on shopping day. The big grocery store is over 30 minutes away with no snow. We do have a tiny one near by, but it is very limited. Luckily, i have been working on stocking my pantry and i think i have it under control. Plenty of beans, flour, 50lbs of oats and 25 lbs of sugar. Tomatoes, pasta, brown rice, and every spice under the sun. i can do this. Mike will pick up soy milk and bananas on his way home, i think that should do it. We have to have soy milk so as to prevent sippy cups of water being hurled at our heads. Plus we will need to have hot chocolate for after snow play. It is only for 2 days or so.

I'm am having major camera issues. Have been for a while. I am coveting a "real" camera. A camera that i totally can't afford or justify purchasing. But i do love to take pictures. my current camera is becoming obsolete. can't find memory sticks that work in it without updates and still issues. A girl can dream can't she. so any way, probably no pictures for a while.

I have been working on crocheting, i made two hats for mike, one for indigo, one for gaynor, monogrammed neck warmers for all boys and a lovely one for me. today I am starting fingerless gloves for me. i vow to use up all yarn i have before i purchase more. I am on a roll. The computer is still sucking up too much time. I did switch to tea this weekend. so far so good. Mike switched as well. mostly because he can't be bothered to make coffee. I am loving my SIL for her care packages of organic tea. I'm going to get good herbs to try my tea ball this week. Enough random thoughts. i need to get things done. Fly lady is going well, school, um, not so much, i did order new curriculum i hope that gives a boost to the boys. I'm picking up my case of grapefruit and case of oranges next week. Bills due and payment schedule posted on wall next to calender, so far so good.

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